Chip conveyors

A chip conveyor is a necessary part of every CNC workshop.
Maintaining the physical condition of the machine, keeping the plant clean and tidy, and complying with workplace safety regulations all require efficient and professional chip removal.

Considering the environmental aspects, we must also pay special attention to the filtration of cooling and lubricating fluids.

A good chip remover is capable of all this, and its biggest advantage is that it also eliminates the downtime associated with manual chip removal.

Our product range includes the ideal LNS chip conveyors for all types of chips typical of the industry from the unfiltered hinged design through the magnetic solution to the 50 μ filrtation tools. Chip conveyors are also suitable for handling chips that are incorrectly broken and even small, fine chips.



Turbo HB is a standard chip remover for cases where coolant filtration is not required. The belt chip carrier is a suitable chip carrier for a wide range of applications and is the best choice for tangled fiber chip formation.


The Turbo Magnetic chip remover is specifically designed for multi-function machines to remove small metallic chips. The Turbo Magnetic has an extremely strong stainless steel chute for extreme wear resistance and long life.


Thanks to the dual conveyor design and the top-down conveyor system at the bottom, the Turbo MF2 / Turbo MF3 is a chip conveyor that can be used for all types of chips and provides particularly good coolant filtration up to a particle size of 50 μ.


The LNS’s revolutionary filter concept uses the belt / scraper conveyor and filter units together. The Turbo MH series chip removers remove chips of all shapes and materials while also having a self-cleaning filter system.


The MS500 has been developed for the transport of small and medium chips with 500μ filtration for bronze, castings and aluminum materials. This chip conveyor is ideal for machining castings.


The Turbo SFcompact chip dispenser provides outstanding coolant filtration up to 50 microns. The complete filter system is built into the rigid frame, so it doesn’t require more floor space than a standard hinged chipper.



LNS tipper trucks are the ideal complement to any chip carrier system. Thanks to the unique tilting system, the entire process is mechanized.