Measuring instruments, height gauges

If you want a perfect job, the most important factor is accuracy.

And you can only get the job done accurately if you have the right tools, properly calibrated:

  • calipers,
  • dial indicators,
  • external and bore micrometers,
  • roughness gauges,
  • height and length gauges,
  • calibration devices,
  • length and angle references.

With the help of our measuring tools, you can reduce the amount of scrap generatedin your plant and make precise parts on your production lines.

Manually adjustable, high-quality measuring instruments support accurate, efficient, and safe CNC machining.
Our measuring instruments are available with either a USB or wireless connection for perfect compatibility.


Static tool holder


Our comprehensive program offers static, precision tool holders for CNC turning centers. Our clamps are available on-demand cooling up to 80 bar, allowing you to maximize production efficiency with increased tool life and cutting speeds.


Powered tool holders


The perfect combination of ER cartridge holder and quick-change system in one tool holder. A variety of QuickFlex adapters help minimize transition time. The one-handed installation key makes installation convenient and safe.


Powered tool holders

Quickflex smart, industry 4.0

The new generation of intelligent powered toolholders allows you to track tool data live, online.

Speed, temperature, vibration monitoring, all with Bluetooth BLE 4.2 data transfer

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