Our Services

On-site survey

For certain products or accessories to existing CNC machines, an on-site survey may be required to recommend the best solution.

In this case, our colleagues will carry out a preliminary assessment of your needs via e-mail or telephone, and after clarifying some basic issues, we will schedule a personal visit to your plant within a short period of time, where we will suggest a solution based on your individual needs.

Based on what was said and experienced during the on-site survey, we will prepare a proposal, which also includes the quote.


The role of CNC machine accessories is becoming more prominent year by year when it comes to increasing efficiency.

Although our solutions are typically made with a plug & play approach, proper design is essential in the selection phase.
Without thorough preparation, even the best-quality oil mist collector may not provide the best solution to a given problem or be professionally installed.

That is why we plan the connection of our oil mist collectors on demand, and in the case of automating solutions, we perform a return-on-investment calculation for maximum efficiency. This ensures that the efficiency of the robotic machine service, and with it the productivity, increases according to the needs.

Maintenance& Service

We provice full maintenance support and spare parts supply for our machines. We also undertake the complete refurbishment of bar feeders.

Our team of experts provides maintenance in any part of the country, and we also ensure their competence and efficiency through regular training.

If, as a service, a device that has already been purchased and put into operation needs to be repaired, we will always first discuss the problem with you on the phone.

The exact equipment type, serial number, and specific error code, if there is any, are important details.

Whenever possible, we will always try to resolve the error remotely and provide advice and guidance on the phone.

If due to the nature of the error, remote assistance is not possible, we will schedule a time when we will visit the site and explore and correct the error if possible. If it is probable that a faulty part is causing the error, we will arrive equipped with a replacement part.
A repair worksheet is then prepared for the commissioning, repair and maintenance work, which contains all the important data, including the tasks performed and the time spent on the repair.