Oil-mist collectors

Removing oil contamination is a vital task in any manufacturing plant.

The oil mist, the mist formed from emulsion used in metalworking, can have a negative impact on not just efficiency but can also cause health problems:

  • Due to its presence, machine operators may be exposed to toxic, allergen, carcinogenic, or genotoxic effects.
  • The floor can also become slippery and dangerous.
  • The mist can damage electrical switchgear and circuits.
  • It forms a coating on the ventilation pipes, which poses a fire hazard.

The use of an industrial oil mist collector system helps to avoid all these negative effects, ensuring the efficient purification of air in the plant in accordance with industry standards, and guarantees that our machines can always work at the right efficiency.

Our collector solutions are compatible with most machines and can be used efficiently in the areas of CNC metalworking, grinding, turning, and milling.

Our products meet the strictest European Union standards and make work not only safer but also more economical.

Filter cartridges rarely need to be replaced, therefore oil mist collectors require little maintenance and do not incur significant maintenance costs.


The LNS Fox WS 2 is the perfect solution to the problem of oil mist in metalworking. With its small and compact size, it fits perfectly into the design of the machine tool and is easy to connect. Thanks to the optional HEPA filter module, it completely eliminates dry smoke, providing 99.97% filtration fineness.