We offer a reliable and efficient solution for both types.
Automated production cells that make production predictable and continuous.
Tool holders, cutting tools, clamping guide cartridges and hand-held measuring tools.
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With the Prevotex product range you can get the most out of your production plant.
In our product range you will find the following machine tool accessories for CNC lathes and milling machines:

Take a look at our product range and we will find the best solution together to make your CNC plant more efficient.

CNC plant solutions

Choose which technical solution you need and read the details.

Bar Feeders

Automated and manual bar feeders that are ideal for feeding short or long bar materials. They are used to automate turning machines, making production process-proof without the need for human intervention.

Oil-mist collectors

Oil mist collectors that are used for the safe removal of dangerous oil mist, which is created from the emulsion used in CNC metalworking and can have a negative impact on both health and efficiency.

High-pressure coolant systems

High-pressure systems are responsible for efficiently delivering coolant to the cutting zone, which also affects chip formation. They increase material removal efficiency and cutting tool lifetime.

Chip conveyors

Ideal chip conveyors for all chip types. They are important tools for keeping the factory clean and help in filtering and efficient handling of the coolant.

CNC machine automation

Automated manufacturing cells that make production predictable and process-safe, do not require human intervention, and can be flexibly adapted to requirements.

Tool holders for CNC lathes

The most suitable tool holders for different turning tasks, which allow for vibration-free clamping of the tool, efficient and precise cutting.

Cutting tools for sliding headstock lathes

Among our products, you can find high-quality, durable, and reliable cutting tools, which allow for the rapid production of small parts typical for lathes without geometric distortion of the workpiece.

Measuring instruments, height gauges

Out single most important metric is customer satisfaction, which is defined by product quality. In order for any factory to be able to manufacture only perfect parts, Prevotex provides the best measurement solutions. Prevotex provides the best measurement solutions so that only impeccable parts can be removed from their plant.

who we are?

A Prevotex Hungary Ltd. has been helping Hungarian companies to overcome the challenges of CNC automation and programming for more than 25 years.

We offer only the highest quality, so we provide our partners with a wide range of the best Swiss, Italian and German products.
With the products offered by Prevotex, you invest in solutions that are guaranteed to have been developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, to overcome real problems.

Satisfaction of our customers is extremely important to us, so we also undertake full-service support and spare part supply for our machines accompanied with professional support service.

Our Services

On-site survey

After the initial consultation, we personally help you in choosing the most optimal efficiency-improvement solution on site.


We plan the installation of our oil mist collectors on demand, and in the case of automation solutions we perform return-on-investment calculations for maximum efficiency.

Service and maintenance

It is extremely important for us that our customers are satisfied with our work, so we also provide full maintenance support and spare parts supply for our machines. We also offer complete refurbishment of bar feeders.

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